We love unique, clear designs and traditional craftsmanship. It is a passion of ours to develop a product that is both fashionable and timeless. We use high-quality, natural materials to produce sustainable and durable Villa Gaia garments, which are manufactured under fair and environmentally friendly conditions. Villa Gaia garments are handmade, epitomise cool design and true craftsmanship and are produced under fair working conditions and with a true and full respect for the environment.


Villa Gaia specialises in cashmere to create a wonderful and unique collection. Only the finest quality of yarn is chosen and used. These precious yarns are supplied mainly through Filati Biagioli Modesto. This is an Italian family business from Tuscany and is one of the most famous European cashmere mills with traditional craftsmanship and specialist knowledge of the unique yarn. A high-quality yarn requires a very specialised production process. Therefore the collection is first and foremost finished by experienced knitters on hand-knitting machines. This specialised work can be recognised through the typical detailed stitch and loop patterns that are all very skilfully finished. Every Villa Gaia cashmere garment is an original with a unique characteristic. You can not only see the craftsmanship but you can also feel the quality of it when you buy a new jumper from Villa Gaia, which then becomes one of your new favourite items of clothing.


What started out as a cashmere knitwear collection has now developed into a complete Villa Gaia collection that includes jerseys and hand woven clothing. Villa Gaia maintains a high-quality standard and promise throughout from the choice of materials to the finished product; only natural materials are used and carefully handled by top quality tailors. A lot of attention is given to the minute detail required in making such high-quality products. Our entire collection is MADE IN EUROPE. The high-quality shirts from our Jersey collection feel silky smooth on the skin and the chinos and jeans are fantastic because of their comfortable fit. These are the essentials for being both elegant and casual at the same time. You feel great from the moment you put them on.


The Collection’s identity follows a clear, modern design philosophy of ‘less is more’.

Our Villa Gaia concept is contemporary, pure and simple. The label never cease to amaze with the colours, the fine detail and the impressive craftsmanship. Villa Gaia matches in a distinctive way with each person so that it can emphasise the character and personality of the individual. The styling of the clothes could have an elegant and feminine or casual and sporty feel to it.


A whole day is required, at the Chiemsee studio, before a garment has been finished to perfection. Buttonholes are stitched within the knitwear or can disappear almost invisibly in a seam. The buttons and labels are sewn on to the clothing by hand and any thread ends are also tidied up by hand. Experienced tailors carefully handle the precious silks, the lightweight wool fabrics, the refined jerseys and the soft quality of Chino fabrics. The decision to use such specialised craftsmanship is what gives the Villa Gaia garments their exceptional quality. This quality can be seen immediately and in every single detail of the garment.


Respect for people and the environment is of the utmost importance to Villa Gaia. This is the reason why we produce all our products in Germany and neighbouring European countries and in specially selected factories. This ensures both fair pay and fair working conditions and that only the best quality materials are being used. At every step of the production process, Villa Gaia looks at how it can minimise the impact on the environment. Consequently, all of the knitwear is carefully washed in our own laundry facilities with organic detergent. We pack all our products using plastic-free packaging and a lavender fragrance. Villa Gaia intentionally avoids using any harsh chemical treatments for its products, its electricity is provided by Greenpeace Energy and the transport of its products uses the shortest, most environmentally friendly, routes that are available.


A large, dedicated and passionate team work at Villa Gaia and every single piece in the cashmere collection is produced with exceptional craftsmanship, absolute dedication and creative flair. There are fourteen employees that work in the studio at Chiemsee and there are more than forty knitters, freelancers and specialists at Chiemgau. They all contribute to the uniqueness and creative wealth of Villa Gaia.

Villa Gaia was founded in 1992. The company has its headquarters in Breitbrunn at Chiemsee. Since 1992 the company has steadily increased its production and growth year on year.


Cashmere is one of the finest hairs that can be found in the animal world. The best quality has a thickness of 12–18 microns. Conventional sheep wool, in comparison, has a thickness of 30–50 microns. The longer, finer and lighter the cashmere hair, the more exquisite is the quality. Knitted products made from cashmere pamper you with an airy lightness and a very cosy feeling. When the weather is cold it keeps you warm. In warm weather it keeps you cool. These benefits of cashmere only arise under the most extreme weather conditions of the Mongolian plateau. In this barren landscape the cashmere goats develop an undercoat of hair, of the unique softest quality, for protection from the icy winter. In springtime, when the animals moult, the shepherds comb through the hair of their goats. The yield is 250g to 450g, for each goat, from which about 150g of the best cashmere quality is obtained.


Washing instructions for cashmere

choose the wool wash option on the washing machine (cold or 30°C)__use special liquid wool detergent__wash from the right side (do not turn inside out)__open buttons and close zippers__do not use a laundry bag__put no more than 2 to 3 cashmere knitwear items into the washing machine and wash soft long-haired cashmere knitwear separately to avoid too much friction__lay out horizontally for drying__for drying lay out on an absorbent, firm surface and pull into shape__after wearing it four times, a new wash is recommended_in order to keep the soft Cashmere quality, do not wear cashmere items two days in a row__after washing remove the remaining nodules/pillings (small fuzzy lumps or balls) by hand__do not use a razor blade, comb, brush or anything similar on your cashmere knitwear


At Villa Gaia, we offer a repair service so that we can repair holes with invisible mending to ensure that your favourite garment, from Villa Gaia, lasts.